Santa’s Video for Your Child

Santa can create a special video for your child

Holy peppermint sticks!

Imagine how exciting it will be for Santa to speak directly to your child, complete with their name, likes, favourite toys, movies, etc.

Your video is personally recorded by Santa just for your child.  No two videos are alike.

You’ll get a link where you can download the video to use anywhere you want. The elves say that you can expect delivery in about 48 hours.

It’s a wonderful treat they’ll watch over and over!

Here’s an example video:

Have Santa make a video for your child beginning September 22nd! Just tell us about your child, and Santa will record a special message just for him/her. You can expect the video to be finished within 48 hours and the elves will send you a download link for your video.

You can order your video now and Santa will have it delivered by September 24!

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