Santa’s Nice List

Santa Claus stands for all that is good in the world; giving unconditionally, joy and happiness, and being good. Every child wants to know they are on Santa’s Nice List, and a visit with the jolly old man is extra exciting when a child hears from Santa himself that yes indeed, they have made the list!

Santa Edmonton is proud to be able to award a child with their very own Nice List Certificate and limited edition Nice List medallion. These have been custom made to Santa Edmonton’s specifications and are not available anywhere else.


The medallion is destined to be a lifelong memento. It is a large 2″ (50.8mm) in diameter and made of metal. The centre is covered with a clear domed epoxy and attached to a festive red and green ribbon. The front of the medallion has the phrase “I’M ON SANTA’S NICE LIST” cast in the metal, surrounding the Santa Edmonton logo:


The back side of the medallion contains a special message to the child to remind them to be good:

Santa always reads the back when he puts the medal around the child’s neck.

The last thing Santa asks is “Do you remember where to hang your medal tonight at bedtime?” And they answer “On my doorknob!” Santa says “That’s right! It’s magic, because it will help you remember to be good!” That’s the kind of magic parents can really believe!

I have a limited supply of these medallions, and am reserving them now for my visits during the 2019 Christmas season. They’re a perfect alternative to candy or a novelty toy that ends up lost or tossed. Nice List Medals and Certificates can be kept forever as treasured childhood keepsakes.

If you’d like the certificate and medallion presented to the children at your Santa Edmonton visit, Contact me now to reserve your date and I’ll give you all the details about how your children can receive their own certificates and medallions.

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