Pictures with Santa – The Santa Experience

Kids get really excited when they get to visit Santa Claus! Most of the time it means a trip to the mall… and all that entails! Packing the family up, driving to a crowded mall, finding a parking spot, walking what seems like forever. All this time our little ones are getting more and more excited!

We’re getting closer… I hear the Christmas music… finally, there he is! Wow, the beautiful Christmas scene, the red suit, his white beard… and he looks happy! then you see it. The Line. “Why can’t we just go say hi to him?”, they ask. No, it’s going to be another 45 minutes, maybe an hour.

Fast forward to the front of the line… finally, it’s our turn! But wait! What’s this? Your little man has decided he is now the most shy human on the planet. As you walk up to Santa’s outstretched arms welcoming you, little man buries his head in his hands and turns his back to the elf taking pictures. “Well these are going to be wonderful keepsakes”, you think to yourself sarcastically. Santa asks what he wants for Christmas, only to be answered with an unintelligible whimper. Flash! Flash! Pictures taken, another elf is gently guiding you away from Santa. They have to keep that line moving, after all.

Sound familiar?

It can be better, much better!

We’re setting aside a full day in November 2020 when you can reserve your own time with Santa Edmonton. We want to make your child’s visit with Santa not only extra fun for them, but much easier on you!

You’ll have a reserved private time with Santa during your visit. Your children will get to talk and play with him, hear stories about life at the North Pole and some of the challenges of managing a large factory run by elves, but most of all, you won’t be rushed. During their time with Santa, your kids will also discover that they have been SO good throughout the year that they’ve made it to Santa’s Nice List!

While this is probably the best visit with Santa Claus ever for your child, Our photographer will be taking professional pictures throughout your visit! Of course we’ll capture the posed pictures with Santa (and even parents if you like), but we’ll also capture those special candid moments with Santa and your child when they aren’t posing.

We’re doing this at the Whitesell Photography studio in Edmonton’s west end so there won’t be crowds, and there’s plenty of free parking.

Your mini session with Santa includes:

  • Private time with Santa reserved just for you
  • Online photo gallery of your visit with Santa
  • Professional pictures from your session
  • refreshments before and after your session
Santa in Edmonton

There are a limited number of sessions available. To find out more and reserve your mini session, pop over to Whitesell Photography today. What a wonderful treat for your child, and you’ll have amazing pictures with Santa as well!

Click Here to find out more and reserve your session!